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Burlap Bag Method for render wax

[Video] I Tried the Burlap Bag Method for Rending Wax & Here’s What Happened

Have you been wondering how to melt beeswax without a double boiler? I’m sure you’ve already heard of melting wax in a crockpot and perhaps you’re thinking there must be a better way to render wax from comb on large scale. I found myself with a large amount of comb […]
entrance mouse gaurd top bar hive

What Do Bees Do In the Winter? And, How to Winterize a Top Bar Hive

You might be wondering “How do bees keep warm in the Winter?” When the temperature outside of the hive is higher than 18°C / 64°F, bees in the hive are normally dispersed within it. However, in the cold Winter climates, production of eggs and larva stop while the bees crowd […]
crops pollinated by honey bees urban garden

The Beauty and Harmony of Community Urban Gardens, Honeybees and Pollination

Many people don’t have the outdoor space to maintain their own vegetable garden. This is where an urban garden or garden club. If you are already a member of a community garden, you might be wondering what’s next. This article touches on a few aspects of urban gardening and the […]
Julie Demars push pin color comb contents

Top Bar Hive Inspection Notes: Recording Your Bar-by-Bar Observations

In a Facebook group that I belong to all about Top Bar Beekeeping, I had started a conversation about taking hive inspection notes. In that post, I had shared my Simple Top-bar Hive Inspection Form for Recording Comb Contents. A fellow member of the Facebook group, Andrew Botham, brought to my […]
sample beekeeping ordinance city code example

3 Tips on How to Check if Your City Allows Beekeeping

In the USA, municipal governments have laws in place that help regulate activities within its jurisdiction. These laws are sometimes referred to as “municipal code” or more commonly known as “ordinances”. If you are at least somewhat interested in the law of bees and beekeeping or if you are actively […]