It’s More Than Just a Recipe Book,

It’s A Journey Into the World of Bees

Our new recipe book, Recipes and Remedies Collection: Using Honey and Other Bee Products to Sweeten Your Life truly has something for everybody, from the honey lover to the mustache waxing enthusiast (really!)

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 5+ recipes to refine your self-care routine so you can worry less and relax more
  • 5+ recipes for home remedies to keep you and your family feeling healthy when the unexpected happens
  • 10+ recipes for treats and eats you can feel proud to share with your family and friends
  • 7+ recipes for essential household products YOU can make yourself 
  • 20+ pages of bee-related facts, figures, and stories to feed your mind and your soul 

When you purchase a copy, you will be able to immerse yourself into the sticky, sweet world of bees from the comfort of your own home where you can craft and cook to your heart’s desire. 

We had struggled with beekeeping for years using commercial hives at our Windy City Harvest Youth Farms. Staff and youth farmers alike were not confident in accessing or maintaining the hives from week to week and year to year. It was haphazard at best, frustrating at worst. We had high hopes for the Beepods hive to help us turn our beekeeping education around and our expectations have been exceeded! Our staff and youth farmers are highly confident in accessing, maintaining, and tracking the hive activity. During a recent open house, youth farmers led a demonstration of their skills for a large group of visitors... something that we were never able to do before.

Eliza Fournier

Urban Youth Programs Director, Windy City Harvest Youth Farm (a program of the Chicago Botanic Garden)

I had very limited knowledge about beekeeping until the zoo decided to get a beehive. I didn't really know what to expect, but I anticipated that it would be challenging to manage the bee colony and not get stung frequently. I was impressed to see how well the bees did on their own. Bees are good at doing their thing. Having a hive has made me appreciate and respect them so much more. It's been an enjoyable experience so far and a great learning opportunity.

Stephanie Harpt

Zookeeper, Milwaukee County Zoo

You can really tell the health of the hive with this system because you are focused on the bees, rather than the work. The Beepods System and philosophy allows you to focus on this.

Kip Jacobs

This beekeeping experience is truly one of the best things I have ever done! I think that beekeeping is completely misunderstood. Bees are incredible in their behavior, social structure, abilities to take natural resources and turn those into the purest honey I have ever tasted. I am looking forward to continue learning and growing as a beekeeper.

Terese Dick

Longtime Zoo Volunteer