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Guide to 5 Pollinator Plants Anyone Can Grow

Black Thumb? No Problem!

Don't be Lost in the Garden Center

Follow our simple instructions and in a quick trip, you’ll have Perennials that will grow every year!

Get 14 Easy to Grow Plants with EZ-to-Follow Instructions

Become a Green thumb with virtually no effort with our 5 Basic Pollinator Plants and 9 Bonus Plants for the Enthusiastic Gardner looking to be a hero

1 Big Thing to Think About: How Less Yard Work Will Help Pollinators

By lessening this one activity, you will help pollinators and save TIME and MONEY

Never Be the Black Thumb of your Friends Again

We promise… It’s easy to grow these. 

Simple Advice to Make Your Neighbors Envious of Your Yard

And feel good doing it with very little upkeep. You’ll get the full enjoyment of having of a garden and saving bees!

You’re hungry all year round, and so are all POLLINATORS!

Help them help you by giving them a little more choice in their options! Fill out the form below, and we’ll send you the FREE Pollinator Planting Guide

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need help using this guide to improve the health and wellness of Pollinators and of our Food System! #BEEaHERO


This simple guide is the first resource I share with all of my clients when they are trying to find a way to support pollinators! It covers a variety of plants grown in almost every eco-region and throughout all growing seasons. It has brought pollinators for all my clients to enjoy watching.

Pete Stuart

Master Gardener and Educator, Beepods and Cultuvate


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