Sustainable top bar beekeeping is easy with a Beepods top bar hive. It's more than a beekeeping kit... it's a complete beekeeping system for saving more bees!

Beekeeping for the Bees made Easy

All-in-One Beekeeping

The best features, the best materials, best support for you and your bees.

Every Customer Receives

  • Everything needed to start beekeeping and to meet your sustainable beekeeping goals
  • Complete on-demand beekeeping education
  • Access to 12 different support tools (phone, email, videos, etc)
  • Hive management software & much more!


“The Beepods beekeeping experience is truly one of the best things I have ever done!”

- Terese Dick, a longtime Milwaukee County Zoo Volunteer


Backyard Beekeeping Made Easy

Trying to determine the best system for your backyard?

  • Complete beekeeping education
  • 24-hour support tools
  • Hive tracking tools to support your bees