Urban Beekeeping with Beepods

Beepods Beekeeping For Urban Beekeepers

  • Support a Pollinator Initiative

  • Support a Sustainability Initiative

  • Your Happy Pollinators will Improve Gardens, Fruits, and Vegetables

  • Enjoy the Honey, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, and more that your Bees will Share with You

  • Watch Your Bees Safely 24 Hours Per Day with our BEE TV Magnetic Windows

Learn More About Why Beepods is the Best Choice for Sustainable Beekeeping and Saving Bees...

Beepods is here to support our fellow urban beekeepers. Beepods mission is to find new and creative ways to increase the fidelity of the honey bee around the world. Through awareness, education and advocacy,  Beekeeping for the Bees is becoming a reality. Honey Bees are extremely important to the ecosystem and even more important to our food supply.

Honey Bees are accountable for pollination in over 1/3 of our food supply and the problem is that over 1/3 of the Honey Bee population dies every year.

We educate those who wish to become urban beekeepers and start saving bees. People of all ages are learning how they can become beekeepers and about the importance of bees. Our Beepods system is simple. And... it is better for the bees than the traditional box hives which are meant for maximum honey production.

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Join with Ed in bee-ing the change today… he’s a “Beevangelist” learning to care for the bees on top of the roof of Redeemer Lutheran Church – in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Join with Ed in bee-ing the change today... he's a Beevangelist learning to care for the bees ontop the roof of Redeemer Lutheran Church - in Milwaukee

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