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To see a world where natural pollinators thrive for the nourishment of the planet and the enjoyment of all its inhabitants.

Purpose & Mission

To bring awareness, through education, of the need for sustainable beekeeping practices. To provide innovative solutions and the tools required to assist researchers in finding answers and to encourage the beekeeping community to implement responsible strategies that benefit the bees, the world and all who live in it.

We believe that together, we can “bee the change”.

Core Values

  • Leadership: To change the world requires clarity for our customers, as well as for our team. We are committed to growing as professionals and nurturing those who are hungry to follow.
  • Service: It takes time and dedication to build a community. To be effective at servicing our customers, we must understand their needs. We are dedicated to helping the beekeeping community as we move forward with our mission.
  • Sustainability: We use the simplest methods, the least invasive practices and least hazardous materials in an effort to allow the World to remain diverse and productive.
  • Accountability:  We are committed to delivering on our promises. We hold ourselves to a high standard in order to be an example for true change in the beekeeping community.
  • Innovation: We find creative solutions to interesting problems. Our focus is on balancing old beekeeping methods with new research in creating products and solutions for the betterment of the bees and the World in which they live.