Grant Funding for Your School's Beekeeping Project

Start your school's sustainable beekeeping project with Beepods and a fast-track grant program. We will save you time and help get your project funded. Start the process of getting a beehive for your school now.


  • Must be a primary or secondary school with at least 10 students
  • The honey bee hive must be used as an educational tool for students
  • The principal of the school must be aware of and supportive of the honey bee hive
  • In some instances, a third-party beekeeper should commit to support and maintain the honey bee hive as a “Bee Mentor”
  • There must be an individual at the school or organization who is the designated as the “Bee Advocate” (this person could also be the beekeeper)

Two Ways to Continue From Here:

a) Schedule a call to discuss your beekeeping project and we'll help you determine the best funding options. Enter your name and email below and we'll show you the next step. You'll receive an email from us with details on how to set up a 30-minute call.

b) If you're not quite ready to begin your beekeeping journey, enter your name and email address below and we'll send you tips and tricks on what you'll need to ensure a successful beekeeping project at your school in the future.

But hurry, the 2018 Honey Bee Grant for USA schools closes soon! Start the process by entering your name and email below. Start a sustainable beehive project at your school with Beepods and a beekeeping grant worth over $1,500 now.

Typical Beekeeping Package Provided by Beepods

  • 1 x Beepods Beekeeping System - $1,375.00 (includes equipment, training, support and educational materials)
  • 10 x Observation Veils - $350.00 (allows students to safely interact directly with the bees if desired)
  • 1 x Winterizing Kit - $150.00 (optional - for keeping the bees warm in cold climate regions)
  • Total: $1,875.00

Honey bees are not included and we suggest sourcing them locally, but don't worry... this is something we help you with as a part of your school's beekeeping project plan.