Bee Viewer


Top bar hive beekeepers… now you can bring a bar of comb with live bees to your next event. The Beepods Bee Viewer is a portable observation hive that fits one bar of fully drawn-out comb from a top bar hive. The “Bee Viewer” displays one frame from a top bar hive and can fit bars as long as 19″. It can easily be modified to fit shorter top bar lengths. It’s a great way to bring that “wow” factor to your next event. Load it up with bees from your hive and get a crowd of adults and kids around your booth or table at your next event. It’s great for schools, trade shows, bee clubs or anywhere you want to impress a crowd with live bees. It’s always a big hit and a great conversation starter!

The black covers are easily removed while the lid is secured. There is a large acrylic glass panel on both sides of the Bee Viewer and a strong wooden frame and removable lid to hold everything in place. Simply place a bar of comb with bees into the viewer and the bar will rest on the built-in groves on the inside of the slanted viewer walls.

Additional information
Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 17.5 in