What is a Beepods Membership?

If you recently purchased a Beepods Beekeeping System, you should have received a coupon code that gives you access for 1 year to the Beepods Membership area. So if you haven’t logged in, get to it! You’re missing out on all of your free stuff! If you do not have login information or misplaced it, contact us here.

As a Beepods Member, you receive some specific perks and information that is only available to those who are members. Many of these products and services are offered for a limited time or in limited quantities and our members receive first dibs on all of them.

Currently the lab is in Beta and is being updated daily. Please, inquire if you would like to know more.

Get Your One-Year Beepods Online Membership Now

Access to the Beepods Resource Library

The Beepods Resource Center is an information rich library for all of the Beepods Member Subscribers that covers beekeeping tips and tricks, product tips, curriculum and much more. The videos, e-books and documentation are only available to members and are constantly being updated with brand new items every week. If you don’t see what you want, just fill out the form and we’ll have it up as soon as possible.

Early Access to new Beepods Products and Services

Being a Beepods Member is the only way to access Beepods complete catalogue of products and services. Many of them are only available to current Beepods Users and Subscribers. Also, Beepods Members get first crack at new products during Beta Testing or Pre-launch.  We launch new balms and salves every season and many are limited in quantity.  As a member, you get the chance to have it before anyone else.

Access to the Beepods User Forums

The Beepods Beekeeper Forums are a great way to interact with other beekeeping members in the password protected resource center. In fact, we are currently building applications for people who would like to have their own Beepods Mentor. Many of our expert users want to share what they know and help others on their journey. Being a Beepods Member gives priority in matching you up with a mentor who can help you in the world of beekeeping.

Special Access to Beepods Member Events Only

As our community grows, Beepods is planning more and more community member only events to thank you for BEEing part of the change. Also, as our technology grows, we want you to be able to see it in person first or to try our new “Healing from the Hive” products. These events are also our way of making sure all of our members know they are not alone and they are part of a bigger community.

Prioritized Service and Email Support

As a Beepods Member Subscriber, you have the option to receive monthly or bi-monthly emails as well as have access to our phone support and prioritization in service calls above any non-subscribers. This means you get quality reminders of what to do and how to do it automatically in your inbox and if something really goes wrong during that swarm season, if you need us to come out, you get first dibs.

So…. Get Your One-Year Beepods Online Membership Today!