Healthy Hive Management Software Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Healthy Hive Management Software?

The Beepods Inspection Forms and Healthy Hive Management Software serve a variety of purposes.  Here are some of the ways we use it:

  1. To keep track of the overall health of all Beepods Customer’s Bees
  2. To help with customer service calls; specifically with beekeeping challenges any of our customers may be facing
  3. To identify system improvements
  4. To aid in our research around creating general solutions to help save bees and better understand honey bees, bee biology, bee ecology, etc.
  5. To build educational data sets for students and schools using the BEE Educated Curriculum and Lesson Plans available for our educator customers.

How do I access the Healthy Hive Management Software?

Healthy Hive Management Software is available to current Beepods Customers who have purchased a Beepods Beekeeping System or Beepods Membership through either the website or one of our Team Members.

Can I use the Healthy Hive Management Software for my own top bar hive?

Even though, the Healthy Hive Management Software was designed to be used in tandem with the Beepods Beekeeping System.  The Software is designed to be a very granular data collection and analyzation tool, so we do have customers using their own top bar design in tandem with the Healthy Hive Management Software.

Where can I learn how to use the software?

The software is taught in unison with the Beepods Inspection Form.  There are HOW TO videos available in the Beepods Membership area that will guide you through each feature in the software. Watch the Healthy Hive Instructional Video Here.

Do you sell my inspection data?

No. We do not sell the inspection data.  The data is used by our development and research team to identify a variety of challenges, solutions, practices and updates that can be made to the Beepods Beekeeping System, the Beepods Beekeeping Philosophy and much more.

Can I speak with someone to see if this software is right for me?

Yes, take a few moments to fill out our contact form here and we will have one of our Beepods Specialists get in touch soon.


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