Beepods Beekeeping for Golf Courses

Beepods for Golf Courses

Beepods Beekeeping for Golf Courses

Golf Course owners and managers who want to be proactive in their local community and environmentally responsible at the same time are installing Beepods top bar beehives on their property.

How does installing a Beepods system impact the golf course?

Not only do golf courses with Beepods get positive attention from their local community, they're also making their golf course a great place and helping the surrounding neighborhood. Bees can travel up to 2.5 miles away from their hives to bring pollination and abundance to nature.

Golf courses can be the best example of sustainability and compromise.

Most golf course managers practice responsible pesticide use and are intimately connected to their grounds. From sensors in the greens to detailed application and seeding schedules, they are often better stewarts of their land than surrounding homeowners. Besides the benefit of pollination for their properties, golf courses might be the best test laboratory for bees around.  Chemicals are expensive and training is mandatory. There are regulations the golf industry need to follow.  Having bees on the property inspires best practices to preserve health. Golf courses could even host workshops, such as "Bee More Mindful of Your Chemicals", on proper pesticide use for the community to attend.

Case Study

Westmoor Country Club

  • Beehive on Golf Course Pollination


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