Save Bees with Beepods Sustainable Beekeeping System

Beepods is the Best Choice to Save Bees & Practice Sustainable Beekeeping


Safer & Easier Beekeeping

Bees inherently defend their home and family. Beepods equipment and training has been specifically designed to make the interactions between beekeeper and bees less intrusive, easier, and safer.

Top-Bar Hive – Our vented top-bar hive allows Beepods beekeepers to open a hive one bar at a time. In this way the bees on the other bars are not disturbed and have no idea there is an inspection taking place.

There are less bees in the air, the bees are less defensive, and inspections are safer and easier.

Smart Training – Our online beekeeper training teaches you how to safely interact with your bees, perform less-intrusive inspections, and everything else you will need to be an expert beekeeper.

The focus is on sustainable beekeeping and best practices to save bees rather than on honey production.  

We help you to understand your bees, their mood, and how to decide whether you need to use protective gear or not. Many of our beekeepers don’t need gear and smoke as the bees are docile and unaware of your visit.

Innovative Technology – Our online inspection form was designed to make inspections faster and easier. It helps you understand the health of your hive and works on all devices.

We take the data from the online inspection forms and share it big-data style on our site to show how we are all saving bees and identify areas where the bees are struggling and need more help.

Support Community – Our online community is built to connect beekeepers so they can receive support, share information, and create local pollinator initiative groups to save more bees.

Soft-touch – We move bees using a feather guider rather than a brush because it is less agitating.

Bar-Stand – An extra set of hands to do an easier and safer inspection.

Interactive and Educational Experience

Aesthetically we designed the shape of the Beepod hive as a bee’s head.  

BeeTV – This is our window with a removable magnetic board allows you to safely view to what is happening in your hive. Educational & Interactive BeeTV… 7 days a week, 24 hours a day… no commercials….

Student Training – K-12 students learn about bees, beekeeping, and saving the environment with a training package that links back to subjects the students are currently studying such as math, physics, nature, and more. We also connect with STEM based learning to further enhance the educational experience for students.

Corporate Training – Our corporate customers benefit from our training that connects bees and beekeeping back to corporate communication, team-work, and organized harmony.

Our training also helps employees become community advocates for sustainable beekeeping.

Bar-Stand – Easily showcase the bees on a comb without disturbing the bees.

Better for the Bees

This is the mission of our company and the Beepods Sustainable Beekeeping System was designed on all levels to help save bees.

Built-In Temperature Control Because our top-bar hive is vented the bees can control the temperature of the hive easier and BEE more comfortable. This innovation is unique to Beepods.

Sustainable Beekeeping Our online training is the first standardized sustainable beekeeping course that you can use to become a more sustainable beekeeper and save more bees.

Winterizing Kit – Our Winterizing Kit, including our BeeRito Wrap, helps the bees to survive through cold winters by protecting them from the wind and keeping mice out of the hive. In order to reverse the honey bee decline we need colonies to survive through the winter. This innovation is unique to Beepods.

Food Source – We leave honey for the bees to eat during the winter. Instead of feeding them sugar syrup (junk food for bees) we let them eat the honey (nutritionally superior food) and whatever honey is left in Spring we can take.

Top-Bar Hive – In general, top-bar hives are foundationless, which means we give the bees no starter honeycomb, and instead let them build the honeycomb themselves as it is better for the bees.