Best Top Bar Hive ~ Features & Benefits

The Beepods System: Why is it the Best Top Bar Hive?

It's Not Just a Hive. It's a Complete Beekeeping System

Bees are systematic. We believe the equipment, training and support we provide should mirror the bees' biological systems. This is where Beepods applies a "Systems Thinking" approach to beekeeping.

Our innovative beekeeping equipment makes beekeeping easier and safer for beekeepers and life better for the bees. A part of our "systems thinking" approach,  we provide:

  • Training - access to the Beepods Lab with beekeeper training videos to ensure you are competent and confident
  • Support - prioritized service and email support to help you troubleshoot issue that might pop up
  • Community - connect with other beekeepers in their area to share information,  stories or offer peer-support
  • Softwaremakes performing hive inspections and keeping logs easier and faster

Watch These Four Videos to Learn What Makes Beepods the Best Top Bar Hive

Equipment Overview

Physical Design

External Features

Internal Features

A story from Windy City Harvest Youth Farms (a program of Chicago Botanic Garden)

We had struggled with beekeeping for years using commercial hives at our Windy City Harvest Youth Farms. Staff and youth farmers alike were not confident in accessing the hives from week to week.  It was haphazard at best, frustrating at worst.

We had high hopes for the Beepods hive to help us turn our beekeeping education around. Now, our staff are highly confident in maintaining the hive and tracking the activity.

During a recent open house, youth farmers led a demonstration of their skills for a large group of visitors... something that we were never able to do before.

~ Eliza Fournier, Urban Youth Programs Director


A Story from Milwaukee County Zoo

I had limited knowledge about beekeeping until the Milwaukee County Zoo decided to get a beehive. I thought it would be challenging to manage the bee colony without getting stung. But it's been an enjoyable experience so far and a great learning opportunity. Having a hive has made me appreciate and respect bees so much more.

The Bee Bootcamp was very helpful. It gave me a better understanding of how a colony works. The hand-on training was the most helpful because I tend to learn the best while actually “doing”. I also like that there are videos available on the website as an additional learning tool.

I found the Hive Inspection Checklist easy to use and I like pictures that explain what everything means. The Healthy Hive Management Software was straightforward as well.

~ Stephanie Harpt, Small Mammals Zookeeper

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Features & Benefits of the Best Top Bar Hive

Discover why Beepods is the most innovative beekeeping system in the world that was built from the ground up to be safer, easier to use, and an amazing educational experience that will last a lifetime. Help save bees with Beepods sustainable beekeeping.

Safer & Easier Beekeeping

The innovative Beepod Beekeeping System was designed to provide a more natural environment for the bees that makes them more docile than traditional hives. This makes life easier for the beekeeper to learn and maintain the hive.

An “IKEA” Approach to Parts and Construction

The Beepod is constructed with mechanical fasteners and replaceable parts so you can replace an individual part as needed instead of having to buy a new hive.

Feather Guider

Our sustainable approach to beekeeping includes being more gentle with the bees. The feather guider is a softer way to move your bees as compared to a stiff brush. The bees are happy to move out of the way with a gentle nudge from our Feather Guider.

Beepods Lab with Training

Beekeeping is more than just equipment, it's a philosophy that requires effective education. Our comprehensive online sustainable beekeeper training ensures you will have success in your beekeeping endeavors.

Phone Support

Need additional assistance? Give our expert beekeepers a call and we can help you diagnose any issues or answer any questions over the phone so you get the vital support you need to be successful.

Locking Lid Keeps Bee & Children Safe

Heavy duty Roto Locks keep the lid of the Beepod on tight so children, vandals, and even hungry bears are unable to open the hive.

It Won't Break Your Back

Traditional Langstroth hives can require beekeepers to lift 100 pound boxes to access the bees and honey. With a Beepod, the heaviest item you will lift is the lid or a bar filled with sweet honey. No heavy lifting required!

Smoking Optional

The combination of the hive's construction, docile bees and our meditative approach to beekeeping means less of a need to use smoke on your bees when performing an inspection. Our beekeepers don't always need to use protective equipment just to check in on their bees.

Top Bar Hive Tool

We created an innovative "Swiss Army Knife" top bar hive tool for the Beepod that is handcrafted locally by the "Milwaukee Blacksmith" company. Pry, scrape, cut, and do everything you need with our unique hive tool that makes for easier inspections.


Saving More Bees

Our sustainable beekeeping equipment and philosophy is built around letting the bees live in the most natural environment possible with the least amount of intervention from the beekeeper. This focus on the bees means happier and healthier colonies that have increased survival year after year.


It's an Educational Experience

Whether you are outdoors on a nice day, inspecting your hive, or indoors on a rainy day, using our Healthy Hive Management Software, you will find our top bar beekeeping system full of educational experiences for the whole family and all your neighbors.

Lab with Presentations

Beepods customers get access to a continuously updated library of content including classes, presentations, and templates that can be used as a centerpiece of community outreach, education, advocacy, and awareness to engage people of all ages.

Built to Look Like a Bee's Head

The Beepod hive was built to look like a bee from the front view including the anatomical features of a honey bee head like the mandibles & proboscis. It can be used as an easy teaching tool.

Observation Windows

Unique observations windows on each side of the Beepod offer "Bee TV" 24 hours a day; 365 days per year. This is a safe way for anyone to check on the activity in the hive. Boards connected to high-powered magnets close the observation windows when not in use.

Hive Stand for Observation

Our hive stands come with an interchangeable swivel and bar holder. Share your bees with multiple groups at once by placing the stand nearby so your viewers can observe and watch the bees safely and securely.