Beepods Beekeeping for Education

  • Engage students about bees in a safe and sustainable way
  • Bees teach students about various subjects including math, physics, environment and agriculture
  • Our Education Package includes classes related to bees that connect with related courses
  • Students can participate in our "Beekeeping for STEM" program
  • Improve your landscape & school gardens through pollination
  • Create a positive school community consciousness
  • Apply for one of many available grants and non-profit donations.
  • Gain Leed Certification Points (innovation credit or landscape credit for protecting or restoring habitats)

Beekeeping for STEM

Beepods is focused on Education as one of our values which is why we developed a STEM curriculum in collaboration with curricula experts and teachers in various disciplines. We understand the importance of teaching young people the importance of Honey Bees to our ecosystem along with introducing STEM principles. Because of this, we now offer an array of solutions for Teachers K-12 and Outdoors Educators to leverage the Beepods System as an educational tool to teach STEM. Contact us to find out more about our Educator Package and the Curriculum that accompanies it.   Get More Information


Case Study

usm logo beepod beehive schoolThe Beepods Beekeeping System as STEM Educational Enrichment at University School of Milwaukee

A brief overview of the process in which one school built a vision around Sustainable Education and used the Beepods system to augment what they were already accomplishing.

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