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honey souffle

Master These 5 Ingredient (or less!) Honey Recipes For Happy Taste Buds

You don’t have to look far to find recipes that include honey as an ingredient, but today our focus is a touch different: these are the best 5 ingredient (or less!) honey recipes that you must know to be an expert at cooking and baking with honey. When you have […]
A bee yard with Beepods equipped with the BeeRito Wrap

3 Reasons Our Winterizing Kit is The Answer to Your Winter Beekeeping Worries

It’s hard to bee-lieve winter is just a couple of months away. You’ve taken good care of your bees all year, and now it’s time to help them stay warm and safe through the cold season ahead.  You might wonder how you can help your bees maintain a comfortable hive, […]
screenshot of Beekeeping Level 1

Level Up with a Beekeeping Course

Whether you are starting your first hive or an experienced beekeeper needing a refresher, the next step is to take Beepods’ Sustainable Beekeeping Level One course. In this class, expert Beepods beekeepers show attendees the basics of top bar beekeeping. Participants learn terminology, techniques, and philosophies of beekeeping and acquire […]
sugar syrup on nucleus colonies in the bee yard

The Secret to Successful Fall Feeding: Mixing Up the Right Syrup

When fall hits the world of beekeeping, resource management becomes a huge priority. Late summer into fall is when forage availability starts to taper off, making nectar and pollen scarce. So, it’s vital you pay attention to signs of declining resources when you inspect your colony and be prepared to […]
Urban vs. Rural Beekeeping

The 4 Key Differences Between Urban and Rural Beekeeping

Interested in beekeeping, but don’t have a backyard or lush nature at your fingertips? No problem! Urban beekeeping is rising in popularity, and beekeepers have happy and healthy colonies on patios, rooftops, and other city spots around the world. While urban and rural beekeepers have the same responsibilities to care […]