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Bees are busy in the fall. This blog tells you what they're up to!

What Your Bees Are Up to This Fall and How You Can Support Them

                                          September and October are busy months for your bees. They’re working hard to prepare the hive for the cold to come, and you’re probably noticing some changes in their […]

Choose Virtual Learning With Beepods and Give Your Students A Break From Screens

As many students start heading back to school, virtually, they are spending more time on devices and less time outside exploring. That goes for teachers as well. Screen time is at an all-time high, especially since we’ve been socially distancing the last six months. If you’re a teacher struggling to […]
honey souffle

Master These 5 Ingredient (or less!) Honey Recipes For Happy Taste Buds

You don’t have to look far to find recipes that include honey as an ingredient, but today our focus is a touch different: these are the best 5 ingredient (or less!) honey recipes that you must know to be an expert at cooking and baking with honey. When you have […]
A bee yard with Beepods equipped with the BeeRito Wrap

3 Reasons Our Winterizing Kit is The Answer to Your Winter Beekeeping Worries

It’s hard to bee-lieve winter is just a couple of months away. You’ve taken good care of your bees all year, and now it’s time to help them stay warm and safe through the cold season ahead.  You might wonder how you can help your bees maintain a comfortable hive, […]
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Level Up with a Beekeeping Course

Whether you are starting your first hive or an experienced beekeeper needing a refresher, the next step is to take Beepods’ Sustainable Beekeeping Level One course. In this class, expert Beepods beekeepers show attendees the basics of top bar beekeeping. Participants learn terminology, techniques, and philosophies of beekeeping and acquire […]