Mummified Brood? How to Recognize and Deal With Chalkbrood Infections

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Mummified Brood? How to Recognize and Deal With Chalkbrood Infections

Picture this: You go to check on your bees and notice something odd at the entrance to the hive. There are small, dried up, chalky white and grey objects sprinkled around the hive entrance. These mummified pupae are one of the signs you have a chalkbrood infection, and it’s also […]

What Every Beekeeper Should Know About Hive Theft

Imagine strolling out to your hive to see your bees and realizing… your hive is gone. It’s a terrible discovery for any beekeeper. Unfortunately, hive theft – also known as bee rustling – happens to beekeepers all over the US.  In this blog, I’ll cover the recent rise in hive […]

Build a Bug Hotel: These Guests Will Help Your Garden

Bugs and hotels. Not two words you usually like to see together. But building a bug hotel can be a creative project for primary grade students and beyond.    What’s a Bug Hotel?   Bug hotels, also known as  bee hotels, are shelters for invertebrates made from reclaimed materials and […]

These Are The Warning Signs You Have an American Foulbrood Infection

While colony collapse disorder (CCD) is all over the news, American Foulbrood infections are still a major concern for beekeepers, though their prevalence has decreased significantly in the last 100 years. If you’ve been beekeeping for a long time and have multiple colonies, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered this […]

The Top 6 Responsibilities You Have as a Beekeeper

Beekeeping is a time-honored tradition that has evolved over the past 10,000 years. Today’s beekeepers are armed with knowledge, science, and millennia of experience that help us understand bees and provide them with the best care possible. In this post, we’ll cover your basic responsibilities as a modern beekeeper, from […]