Why Honey Bees Need Water and How You Can Provide It

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Why Honey Bees Need Water and How You Can Provide It

It’s sticky and humid out. You feel the sweat drip down your back as the bright sun blasts your exposed skin. There’s nothing more satisfying at that moment than a cold beverage, a glass of refreshing water to hydrate you in the summer heat. We’re not alone in our love […]

How to Keep Your Bees Safe While Working Around the Hive

With beekeeping, any mention of “safety” is usually concerning a beekeeper’s protection. But today we’re going to talk about safety for the other half of the beekeeping equation… the bees! Sure, beekeepers should protect themselves as they go about their work. But it’s just as important that we protect our […]
Honey bees need skills to fight off V. destructor.

Bee Smart: Life Skills from the Hive

Let’s face it, our students will forget much of what we teach them. But we hope that they remember those life skills which will guide them in everything they do. As with other matters, we can turn to the honey bee as an example of how to work together for […]
supplemental feeding

This Blog Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Supplemental Feeding

    Beekeeping is an amazing adventure, but it does come with some ups and downs. The past few weeks, I’ve been talking to you about nutrition and how important it is. You don’t want your bees to starve and fortunately, there’s a way you can help prevent this disappointing […]

Why Level Hives are So Important for You and Your Bees

Think about building a home from the ground up. What’s the first thing to address before you can start adding walls and other structures? The foundation. Level hives are key to a safe and productive life for bees, just as level ground is vital to a sturdy home for people. Creating […]