Don’t Do A Fall Hive Inspection Without Reading This Blog

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Our Fall Hive Inspection Tips will help you prepare your ladies for the cold days ahead.

Don’t Do A Fall Hive Inspection Without Reading This Blog

Fall hive inspections are the most important visits you’ll make to your hive all year. They’re when you can see just how well your ladies have been preparing for winter and an opportunity for you to step in and lend a hand where they might need it. In this blog, […]

The Top Books All Bee Lovers Should Have On Their Shelf

  When does a love for bees or beekeeping begin? Many of us first learn about bees through the school nursery rhyme I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee. The tune seems harmless at first but ends with a child squishing the bee after being stung. Not exactly the sort of […]
beekeeper breaking propolis attachments between bars of comb

Now’s The Perfect Time to Harvest Propolis… And Here’s How!

We all know honey is amazing, but don’t sleep on the incredible benefits of propolis. This sticky, resinous substance is a powerhouse in the hive, which the bees use like caulk to seal and repair the hive in preparation for winter. Additionally, propolis has antimicrobial properties that the bees use […]
Beepods' insulating desiccant protects your hive in the winter.

3 Ways a Beepods Desiccant Will Help Your Bees Survive the Winter

Winter is a challenging time of year for beekeepers. Despite best efforts by even the most experienced beekeepers, cold conditions can be a colony’s doom. That’s why beekeepers must protect their hives from harsh winter elements. Today we’ll discuss how the Insulating Desiccant in Beepods’ Winterizing Kit helps your bees […]
Winter beekeeping is made easier with Beepods' BeeRito

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Get Your Hive Ready For Winter

October is one of those crazy months where it’s warm one day and you’re getting frostbite the next—especially if you live in the Midwest near Beepods HQ. Because of these crazy and unpredictable weather patterns, October is a crucial month for your bees. They are working their little wings off […]