The 4 Key Differences Between Urban and Rural Beekeeping

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Urban vs. Rural Beekeeping

The 4 Key Differences Between Urban and Rural Beekeeping

Interested in beekeeping, but don’t have a backyard or lush nature at your fingertips? No problem! Urban beekeeping is rising in popularity, and beekeepers have happy and healthy colonies on patios, rooftops, and other city spots around the world. While urban and rural beekeepers have the same responsibilities to care […]
Beepods Harvest Box and Bar Stand in front of a Beepod.

Beepods Harvest Box: Helping Your Bees Survive the Winter

With fall approaching, it’s time for a hive inspection. One thing to note is whether or not your colony has the food stores it needs. Bees in northern climates need anywhere from 60-90 pounds of honey to get through the winter. A number of factors can result in an insufficient […]

Bees on The Brain? How Beekeeping Can Help With Kids’ Mental Health

Back to School   It’s an understatement to say that a lot is going on in the world right now. It’s the first week of September, which means kids are starting school again, in-person or virtually. Your kids may be experiencing a lot of stress right now, and as a […]
Bees festoon for reasons we don't understand. We do know they're working together!

Festooning: Three Theories About the Mysterious Bee-havior Stumping Scientists and Beekeepers Alike

As beekeepers, we’re often inspired by the many ways we see our bees working together and as a community to accomplish things in their hives. Just like we help each other by sharing information, techniques, and experience working with bees, bees communicate and collaborate to get things done. But, there’s […]
Computer illustration of a dancing honey bee.

Simple Ways You Can Communicate Like a Bee

Teaching during the pandemic has been an interesting communication challenge for teachers. When we teach in the classroom, we don’t have the luxury of muting our students. That said, we use classroom sounds to gauge the progress of our lessons. Too much side chatter, I’m losing them. Too silent and […]