6 Cold Weather Feeding Tips You Have to Know

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winterized Beepod top bar hive in a field

6 Cold Weather Feeding Tips You Have to Know

In an ideal world, your bees have a productive spring and summer and head into the cold seasons with massive amounts of glorious, honey-filled bars. But even new beekeepers know that the perfect, self-sufficient, endlessly resilient colony doesn’t always exist. You have to carefully watch the weather, the forage availability, […]
Winter wind and precipitation: Help your hive survive

Protect Your Bees from Winter Winds and Precipitation With These Tips

You know the feeling: You’re bundled up outside, breathing in the cold winter air and admiring the snowflakes that are gently falling around you. Then, BOOM. You’re hit with a gust of wind. Suddenly it feels like the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and those gentle snowflakes are now pelting your […]

Catching The Buzz: An Interview With Thor Hanson And The Impact Bees Have On Our Lives

The Beginning   If you would have asked me a little more than a year ago how I felt about bees I would have simply said that I liked them and that I knew they were vital for the environment. Ask me now and it’s clear bees have completely changed […]
dead colony in the cradle of a top bar hive

How to Set Your Bees Up for Winter Survival

Winter is a tough time for honey bee colonies. If you’ve been in the beekeeping game for a while, you’ve likely had a colony die on you before the spring thaws. So, how do you avoid having to replace your honey bee colony in spring? How do you save yourself […]
six reasons you should start beekeeping

6 Reasons You Should Start Beekeeping

                                It’s rare to find a beekeeper who doesn’t genuinely enjoy working with bees. Beekeeping has been around for millennia for a good reason! Working with bees, both as a hobby and a profession is […]