Democratizing Beekeeping Data: Building a Research Community of Citizen Scientists

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Democratizing Beekeeping Data: Building a Research Community of Citizen Scientists

For the last decade everyone has been saying that data and big data is the wave of the future. Guess what? They’re right. At Beepods we believe that data is the future of determining the best beekeeping practices. It was with data that we built the Beepods Beekeeping System ~ […]

Top Bar Hive Inspection Notes: Recording Your Bar-by-Bar Observations

In a Facebook group that I belong to all about Top Bar Beekeeping, I had started a conversation about taking hive inspection notes. In that post, I had shared my Simple Top-bar Hive Inspection Form for Recording Comb Contents. A fellow member of the Facebook group, Andrew Botham, brought to my […]

Pollen Grains vs. Bee Bread (Fermented Bee Pollen): What’s the Difference?

Often at Beepods we receive many questions about the products that bees create.  We hope you enjoy this series of blog posts, videos and articles that discuss the products from the hive.  This article is one in the series on “Healing from the Hive” that discusses the benefits humans can […]

3 Tips on How to Check if Your City Allows Beekeeping

In the USA, municipal governments have laws in place that help regulate activities within its jurisdiction. These laws are sometimes referred to as “municipal code” or more commonly known as “ordinances”. If you are at least somewhat interested in the law of bees and beekeeping or if you are actively […]

Honey Bee Healing Tea: Nutrition and Preventative Measures to Strengthen Your Colony

Click the image below to see the 3 different Honey Bee Tea recipes. Honey Bee Tea should be used as the second choice to the bees own honey.  If at all possible, the best food for your colony of honey bees is their own food source they created – Honey.