Paleo Cranberry Relish Recipe from Beepods

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Paleo Cranberry Relish Recipe from Beepods

Paleo Cranberry Relish This delicious cranberry relish was crafted by our resident Alchymist, Sandy. It is a perfect balance of tart and sweet, and is a breeze to prepare. We hope it’s as big of a hit with your family as it is at her house every year! Ingredients 1 […]

Holiday Hot Toddy Recipe

Mmmmm… Hot Toddys Nothing says winter like sitting around a fire with a steaming cup of heaven in your hands. This is Laura’s go-to, no-fail, Hot Toddy recipe. Our Urban Honey is what makes it shine. Ingredients (all amounts are per mug) hot water or hot apple cider 1 ounce […]

3 Easy Recipes – BEE Prepared this Holiday Season

So being that I am not a master chef… I did a quick survey of some great Holiday uses for honey to keep us thinking about the bees as the hustle and bustle of the season starts.  Quickly, Laura and Sandy rattled off a few great ideas that I will […]

Beepods’ Top Books – Winter Reading List

Beepods’ Winter Reading List by Laura Maigatter Now that you’ve tucked your bees in so they may stay safe and warm throughout the winter, you can tuck yourself into some good books. You finally have the time to expand your knowledge of bees and beekeeping! There is more written about […]

What to Expect in Winter – Winter Beekeeping

  by Laura Maigatter WINTER PROTECTION Since the bees will be left alone without your direct oversight for so long, it is wise to give them the highest level of protection you can muster. In this climate, having a hive overwinter successfully involves more than just honey stores. Taking precautions […]