5 Ways Companies Can Leverage the Latest Buzz in Sustainability

Bees pollinating Basil: Beepods

5 Ways Companies Can Leverage the Latest Buzz in Sustainability with Beepods5 Ways Companies Can Improve Sustainability & Generate Valuable PR with Beepods Sustainable Beekeeping:

 1. Pollinator Initiative – Sustainable beekeeping for your corporate locations with gardens and landscaping. Your gardens and flowers will flourish with our happy pollinators who also benefit the local community as bees will pollinate up to 7 miles. A single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers, fruits, nuts, and vegetables each day. You save bees and help pollinate your local area.

 2. Employee Outreach – Beepods offers a co-branded corporate training program for your employees that connects the bees to business activities such as corporate communication and team-building. It is a safe, educational, and interactive experience for your employees and their families.

3. Community Outreach – Donate Beepods to schools, community centers, and parks so they can save bees. Co-branding opportunities are available.

4. Sponsor a Fundraiser – Beepods can create an online fundraiser for the charity of your choice to receive a Beepod Beekeeping System(s) and Education. You can donate and help promote the fundraiser through your PR and Marketing channels. Co-branding opportunities are available.

5. Earn Leed Certification Points – Innovation credit or a landscape credit for protecting or restoring habitats.

Why Are Bees Important?

The statistics about the importance of bees, the rapid decline, and the need for action are painfully clear:

  • Bees pollinate about 80% of the food we eat. Saving bees helps the planet and ensures human existence as we know it.
  • 70 out of the top 100 human food crops, or approximately 90% of the world’s nutrition, are pollinated by bees. (Greenpeace)
  • Bee colonies are in rapid decline from a number of factions. From 1947 to 2008 there was a 60% reduction in bee hives from 6 million to 2.4 million. (U.S. National Agricultural Statistics)

About Beepods

Beepods offers a sustainable beekeeping system built for saving bees and safer beekeeping.

We combined the best of ancient beekeeping methodologies with modern technology to create a complete beekeeping system for happy bees, employees, families, and local communities.

Our complete beekeeping system includes innovative equipment, training, and support to promote safer and sustainable beekeeping that is easier for the beekeeper and better for the bees.

Why Beepods is the best choice for sustainable beekeeping and saving bees.

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