Beepods HONEY DO LIST Beekeeping Checklists

Beepods Honey Do Monthly Beekeeping Checklist

Beepods HONEY DO LIST Beekeeping Checklists

Beepods Honey Do Monthly Beekeeping ChecklistWe asked, you spoke, we listened.

Beepods is happy to introduce a way that we can help all of our Beepods Beekeepers stay on top of things going on in their hive. Each month, Beepods customers and Honey Do List subscribers will receive a short emailing spelling out different things to look for in your honey bee colony. We’ll be sure you know what needs to be done this month… and trust me, you will get a reminder or two, if need be. And if the email is misplaced, just go to Beepods.com/honeydo and each month’s list will be available.

Each month Beepods will be sending you links to 3 lists:

  • A list for the previous month, to make sure you covered everything.
  • A list for the current month of things to be sure to look for and document.
  • A list to begin looking to prepare for during the month so that you will not be surprised next month.

Each list is designed to help you be a better beekeeper and be sure that as the seasons change throughout the year Beepods Beekeepers are aware of the changes that are taking place in their colony.

As Beepods improves these lists over time, items will be linked to “more information” or videos that can help beekeepers better understand what to look for. As always, Beepods wants to be sure that our customers have the best information available to maintain their colony, so if we need to add more or there are still questions, ask!

Take care and check out your Honey Do List for March below.




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