Ultimate Guide to How You Can Save Pollinators


The goal of this article is to showcase the different ways you can help save pollinators and make a positive impact on your local environment.

Pollinators come in all shapes and sizes and include bugs, bees, butterflies, birds, and bats. Say that three times fast! These pollinators support life on earth as we know it and our food supply. No pollinators, no human life on earth. Just as an example, bees pollinate about 90% of our nutritionally valuable food.

However, pollinator numbers have been dropping drastically over the years as a result of varying stresses such as climate change, pesticides, habitat loss, invasive species, etc. If it was just one issue we would have solved it a long time ago. Your help is desperately needed.

So how can you help support pollinators and make an impact? Here is a great list to get you started:

How You Can Support & Save Pollinators

Become a Sustainable Beekeeper

Become a sustainable beekeeper with our unique Beepods system. You save bees and we guarantee you will fall in love with the newest members of your family. Honey bees are critical to life on earth for humans and they need your support.

Albert Einstein reportedly once said -  “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.” To put it another way, if humans want to colonize Mars they better be taking honey bees with them not only for pollination but also for honey and healing.

Beepods offers a better way to keep bees. We give you all the equipment, training, and support you need to be a sustainable beekeeper and establish a positive relationship with your honey bees.

Start a Pollinator Initiative

What is a pollinator initiative? Simply put, a pollinator initiative is meant to protect and strengthen the number of pollinators, whether they be bees, butterflies, or other insects or animals.

These initiatives can be enacted in many ways, from passing laws restricting the use of harmful chemicals all the way down to installing a few pollinator-friendly plants in your backyard along with your neighbors.

Here is an example - Milwaukee's Community Pollinator Initiative

Donate to Pollinator Partnership

Pollinator Partnership is the organizer of Pollinator Week and your donation will help them further support all pollinators. This is an easy way to make a big impact.

Introduce Pollinator Friendly Plants

Plant friendly pollinator friendly plants that have co-evolved with the native wildlife of your region. Click on our image to see the full size list that you can save.

Interested to plant something for pollinators? Contact us and we will send you a FREE pollinator friendly seed packet designed for your region of the country.

Want to create your own collection of native wild flowers? The Native Plant Information Network will let you choose your State and see which native flowers you can plant in your backyard.

Engage Your Students in the World of Beekeeping

Get your schools involved with sustainable beekeeping for education, pollination, and gardens. Students get outside, engage with honey bees, and learn in an interactive and safe environment. They also save bees, attract pollinators, and improve the local environment.

If you donate a Beepod to your local school we will even laser engrave your name on the Beepod.

Start an Organic Garden

Organic gardening is always best for the environment and healthy pollinators.  Here is a great article about starting an organic garden from Mother Earth News.

Get Your Organic Garden Certified

You can even have your wildlife friendly garden certified by the National Wildlife Federation. You enjoy great benefits and further support pollinators. You also support the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge listed below.

Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge is a campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators.

Create a Container Garden

The Cultuvate Crate offers a mini-urban farm in a box. You receive a guide and seeds to get you started. If you buy a Cultuvate Crate the company will match your purchase by donating a second crate to a community organization. Everyone wins!

Start a Mason Bee House

Mason bees are gentle enough to touch and great way to supplement honey bees as they are very efficient pollinators. Contact us if you are interested to purchase a mason bee house.

Start an Urban Farm

Urban farms are very productive, sustainable, organic, and space friendly. It is also very easy to start and usually the rent is cheap as land is simply being wasted. The organic produce can be sold at a premium. You can grow on rooftops, small land plots, or even inside empty buildings or rooms that are for rent.

If you start an urban farm you will benefit from urban beekeeping as well.

Create a Butterfly Garden

Planting milkweed will attract monarch butterflies your garden sanctuary.  You can adopt a Monarch and save these special pollinators.

Make sure to share the amazing videos with family and friends.

Practice Organic Insect & Pest Control

Use organic methods of insect and pest control instead of insecticides or herbicides containing neonicotinoid chemicals. Here is a guide to pesticides we created. Click on the image to see the full size that you can save.

If you are going to spray your lawn be sure to ask your pest control specialist about how the chemicals will impact pollinators. The goal is to find companies that use chemicals that won’t also kill the pollinators.

Make Safe Havens for Pollinators

  • Collect your yard waste and use it for mulch to create a safe winter haven for butterflies.
  • Leave some patches of open ground for bumblebees to nest for the winter.
  • Place small containers of water with pebbles around your flowers. Change the water each day to provide a continuous feeding spot and to discourage mosquitoes. Or fill a container with water and add wine corks which bob up and down and scare away mosquitoes. Many pollinators such as bees can’t swim so you will find them taking a drink from the wine corks.

Buy Bee Better Butter to Heal Your Skin

Bee Better Butter offers powerful organic healing for your skin (cuts, bruises, scrapes, mosquito bites, and dry skin) and is made from sustainably harvested propolis, honey, and wax.

BeeSmart School Garden Kit Program from Pollinator Partnership

Beepods will donate a portion from each sale of Bee Better Butter healing balms & salves to the Pollinator Partnership BeeSmart School Garden Kit Program which helps students support pollinators by planting a garden.

Help Save Pollinators with Beepods Sustainable Beekeeping

Get Started Now & Save Pollinators

Start making a “buzz” and help save more pollinators. Together we create a better world for pollinators to flourish and humans to continue inhabiting earth.

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