Milwaukee's Community Pollinator Initiative

With the serious crisis of Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, Beepods is striving to build awareness, educate and create feasible solutions for individuals and communities to participate in that can reverse the diminishing numbers of honeybees around the world. Since one third of the honeybee population dies every year; and since honeybees are responsible for pollinating just over a third of the world’s food supply, Beepods has made it a major part of the mission to find creative ways to reverse this negative trend.

The community pollinator initiative focuses on bringing pollination systems to communities of various sizes, but specifically, large urban cities. Urban centers, such as Milwaukee, are resource rich areas for honeybee colonies to thrive.

So Beepods tapped into that potential.

How does it work?

Beepods has partnered with a variety of individuals and organizations throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area to install, educate and help maintain individual honeybee colonies. Many of the partners use their personal Beepod Beekeeping System as an educational tool, like at the University School of Milwaukee, to make aware, educate students and augment their gardening programs.

At the same time, maintaining a grid of Beepods Beekeeping Systems allows for balancing the health of the hives across the community. This is extremely helpful because, just like any living organism, sometimes their health can be hindered by specialized circumstances. When this happens, the community works together to identify and bring healthy bees to the colony to increase the chances of success for the individual hive. This, in turn, increases the health of the community by increasing the quantity of pollinators across the city; better gardens, orchards, flowers, and more.

How can I get involved?

Contact us! We hold events, classes and set people up with systems all over the World. Learn through our classes and our online Resource Center. We have phone support for all 1st year Beepods Members and often check in throughout the year to see how things are going. Most recently, we launched a Beepods Beekeeping Mentorship program that pairs people up who are in a similar situation in order to help guide them through their journey of Beekeeping.

Who’s Involved?

Stop by and see some of our local partners.