Healing from the Hive - Bee Better Butter Healing Balms & Salves

Bee Better Butter - Golden Trinity of Healing - Propolis, honey & wax

The Power of Bees – Healing Balms & Salves for Your Skin

Bee Better Butter offers powerful organic healing for your skin (cuts, bruises, scrapes, mosquito bites, and dry skin) made from sustainably harvested propolis, honey, and wax. These ingredients are considered the “Golden Trinity of the Hive” – bee medicine, valued by healers since ancient times, and when combined just right, make amazing all-over body products:

  • Propolis – purifies and protects the hive, rejuvenates your skin
  • Raw Honey – bee’s nourishment, nature’s perfect conditioner
  • Wax – colony’s infrastructure, your skin protector
  • Essential Oils – Add in amazing oils for various health benefits

We forge meaningful local relationships. All of our products are ethically sourced from Wisconsinites who produce their materials here or source them through sustainable channels across the world. We combine the best products available to bring you “Healing from the Hive.”

Save Bees & Help Students Grow Gardens with our Donation Program!

BeeSmart School Garden Kit from Pollinator Partnership

We have a new donation program that will help you heal your skin, teach children, and save bees all at once.

Beepods will donate a portion from each sale of Bee Better Butter healing balms & salves to the Pollinator Partnership BeeSmart School Garden Kit Program which helps students support pollinators by planting a garden.

The goal of the donation program to bring more awareness for positive changes communities, schools, and individuals can make to help pollinators thrive in an increasingly hostile and changing world.

This program helps students create a local pollinator habitat with an engaging learning experience.

Use the Following Chart to Choose which healing balm or salve is best for you:

Chart of Bee Better Butter Types


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