Learn About the Beepods Beekeeping System


Our innovative beekeeping equipment makes beekeeping easier and safer for beekeepers and life better for the bees. This includes our online inspection form which makes doing hive inspections easier and faster. Learn why Beepods is the best choice for sustainable beekeeping and saving bees.


With a Beepods System purchase you receive 1-year access to our members area with online sustainable beekeeper training along with access to our beekeeping resource library.


Beepods owners receive 1-year of prioritized service and email support. Beepods also offers an open community for beekeepers and people interested to help save bees.

The community is where beekeepers can connect with other beekeepers in their area to share information, offer support, and create local pollinator initiatives.

Innovation for Bees & Beekeeper

The patent-pending Beepods System was developed over the course of 6 years. It was ergonomically designed not only for the beekeeper, but for the bees. A honey bee's life is tough enough, why not give them the best home to live in and enjoy it, too!

Not only was the Beepod developed, but various pieces of equipment that are easy to handle and allow for multipurpose use, like the Harvest Box. Designed to hold honey-filled bars, catch swarms, split hives, raise queens and transport bees, this mini-beepod makes it easier for a beekeeper and an educator to leverage the hive for education and pollination, not to mention some goodies.

The complete system is made from sustainably harvested wood from Wisconsin and is precision milled by CNC machines. A Beepod is compatible with Langstroth equipment and requires no extractor to harvest honey.

Bees are healthier and happier in the Beepod and are significantly more docile using our training and equipment.


The Beepod is a Vented Top Bar Hive. An updated version of a 2,500 year old Hive discovered by Ancient Greeks conquesting the Mediterranean.

They found Kenyan tribes keeping bees in hollowed logs tipped sideways with sticks covering the cavity. It was the first time “modern” man had seen the means to collect honey without killing the bees.

Rudolph Steiner spoke of the importance of bees saying bees represented man's best way to study the intricacies of the cosmos. In ancient Greece, Aristotle discerned the origins of modern civilization from looking inside a beehive.

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