3 Best Ways to Feed your Bees

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3 Best Ways to Feed your Bees

In this short summary article we discuss 3 ways to feed bees and make sure honey bee colonies have the best nutrition heading into the winter. We typically think of bees as being fairly self-sufficient. They just buzz around and eat nectar and pollen, right? Nope! They use that pollen […]
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101 Fun BEE Facts About Bees and Beekeeping

Honey bees are tied to so many facts and historical events. Bees are some of the most studied creatures and written about animals. There is always something new to learn about honey bees and their impact on our society over the years. Here are some awesome facts to keep in […]
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7 Interesting Honey Bee Statistics to Share with Your Friends

Bees are one of the most studied creatures on the world. Here are some fun facts to show your friends how much you know about bees.

Pollinator Initiatives – What they are, who is involved, and why we need them

In this article we will discuss pollinator initiatives – what they are, why they are important, who is enacting them, and how you can get involved. At Beepods we are working with communities around the country that are passionate about helping pollinators both wild and domestic. Part of our mission […]

Fall Blooming Plants to Feed Pollinators

A good number of gardeners plan their gardens around blooming in the spring and summer months, but they don’t spend much time thinking about flowers that will bloom in the fall. For those who are interested in helping pollinators, though, it might be something to begin considering. In the spring […]