Catching The Buzz: An Interview With Thor Hanson And The Impact Bees Have On Our Lives

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Catching The Buzz: An Interview With Thor Hanson And The Impact Bees Have On Our Lives

The Beginning   If you would have asked me a little more than a year ago how I felt about bees I would have simply said that I liked them and that I knew they were vital for the environment. Ask me now and it’s clear bees have completely changed […]
dead colony in the cradle of a top bar hive

How to Set Your Bees Up for Winter Survival

Winter is a tough time for honey bee colonies. If you’ve been in the beekeeping game for a while, you’ve likely had a colony die on you before the spring thaws. So, how do you avoid having to replace your honey bee colony in spring? How do you save yourself […]
six reasons you should start beekeeping

6 Reasons You Should Start Beekeeping

                                It’s rare to find a beekeeper who doesn’t genuinely enjoy working with bees. Beekeeping has been around for millennia for a good reason! Working with bees, both as a hobby and a profession is […]

Don’t  Hibernate Yet: Why You Should Start Planning For Spring Beekeeping Now

It sure seems like the cold weather settled in fast. We’ve already seen snow near Beepods HQ! Winter is just about here and while you’re getting ready to hunker down now is the perfect time to start prepping for spring. If you’re a newBEE to beekeeping, winter is the best […]
bee cluster through Beepods Bee Viewer

Don’t Miss These 4 Cluster Maintenance Tips

The day your honey bees start to cluster is the bookend to a busy beekeeping season. It can come with mixed emotions and many beekeepers are a touch bummed when their bees go into a state of semi-dormancy. You can feel helpless in the face of the chilly winter winds, […]