Top 3 Mental Health Benefits of Beekeeping

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Top 3 Mental Health Benefits of Beekeeping

You have probably had someone in your life, whether it was your mom, a friend, an expert, or someone on Facebook say to you, “being outside will help improve your mood,” well, we’re going to join them in saying that… Being outside will help improve your mood! As annoying as […]

Urban Beekeeping: The Ins, The Outs, The Benefits

Have you wanted to start beekeeping but live in an urban area and don’t know where to start? Are you scared you don’t have enough space or bees won’t find enough flowers near you? You may think that urban beekeeping is harder to achieve and not as realistic as beekeeping […]

Air Pollution- The Silent Killer

Remember a couple of weeks back we saw how rising global temperatures were causing harm to honey bees? Well, we have some bad news…air pollution is also hurting them.  We all know that air pollution exists and that it is caused by burning fossil fuels, waste in landfills, exhaust from […]

Seasonal BEEhavior Changes

If you have been keeping up with our “Honey Do List” Newsletter, you may have noticed that we mentioned bees tend to get ornerier around July and August. Why is that? Because of the heat.   Have you ever considered how the behavior patterns of bees change within each season? How […]

The Science and Beauty Behind Hexagons

Have you ever admired the shape of a beehive? We have and let us tell you, it is one of the most unique looking structures we have ever seen. The six sided shape of the golden honeycomb fits perfectly together with no gaps to be seen…but why is it shaped […]