Bee Adventurous: On Mental Health And What Bees Have Done For Me

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Bee Adventurous: On Mental Health And What Bees Have Done For Me

I love May. The world is coming back to life and the weather is finally starting to stay nice. Do you know who else loves May? The bees of course. They finally have a sufficient supply of nectar and pollen and now the real honey production can begin. Much like […]

Celebrate Endangered Species Day For The Bees

May 21, 2021, is an important day in the bee world. Why? Because it’s Endangered Species Day. According to The Center for Biological Diversity, there are over 2,000 endangered species listed under the Endangered Species Act across the world, about 1,600 of them in the United States alone. Can you […]

Planting A Garden With My Mom

My mom and I stand on the edge of her small garden, surveying the warm, tilled earth. “First things first,” she says. “We need good dirt.” Everything I learned about gardening and my appreciation for nature, I learned from my mom. She even taught me the importance of bees! Ever […]

The Top 6 Bee Gifts To Give Mom On Mother’s Day (Or all the days of the year)

Moms are a lot like bees. They’re hard working ladies who go the distance to make sure their home is a nourishing place to raise their kids. They don’t always get the credit they deserve, though. That’s why, for Mother’s Day this year, we put together a list of bee-themed […]

Natural Solutions To Keep Your Colony Thriving

If you haven’t noticed by now, Beepods promotes natural beekeeping. Our slogan is Beekeeping for the Bees, after all. Honey bees have existed on Earth for over 14 million years, which is a lot longer than modern humans. During that time bees have survived despite centuries of bad weather, infestations, […]