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Bees festoon for reasons we don't understand. We do know they're working together!

Festooning: Three Theories About the Mysterious Bee-havior Stumping Scientists and Beekeepers Alike

As beekeepers, we’re often inspired by the many ways we see our bees working together and as a community to accomplish things in their hives. Just like we help each other by sharing information, techniques, and experience working with bees, bees communicate and collaborate to get things done. But, there’s […]
Computer illustration of a dancing honey bee.

Simple Ways You Can Communicate Like a Bee

Teaching during the pandemic has been an interesting communication challenge for teachers. When we teach in the classroom, we don’t have the luxury of muting our students. That said, we use classroom sounds to gauge the progress of our lessons. Too much side chatter, I’m losing them. Too silent and […]
purple crocuses bloom in a field

These Are the Top 5 Spring Bulbs to Plant In Fall for Pollinator-Friendly Blooms

Beekeepers like you, who care about the health and wellbeing of their colonies, need to know a thing or two about gardening to make sure their bees have adequate sources of forage throughout the year. Fortunately, it’s simpler than ever. You just need to know what flowers bees love, what […]
Your bees will appreciate your efforts to provide them enough honey for winter.

Fall Hive Inspection Tips to Help Your Bees Store Enough Honey for Winter

While warm and balmy August still lingers, crisp fall days will be here before we know it. Just like you might start loading up on your favorite fall spices and baking essentials, bees are hard at work assembling their food stores and getting the hive ready for the colder months […]
A bumblebee lands on an orange flower.

Bee Educated: Beepods Lessons for Educators

You have a Beepods membership, but are you really using all the resources? The Bee Educated section of beepods.com has ready-to-teach Beepods lessons that will spark your students’ curiosity.    Let’s Go Hunting  Around Wisconsin (Beepods HQ), fall is known for apples, pumpkins, Packers preseason, fall colors, and of course, […]