The Connection We Have With Bees

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The Connection We Have With Bees

Humans and honey bees. It’s a tale as old as time, or 9,000 years old anyway.  Throughout these thousands of years, honey bees have provided humans with endless wonderment through food, medicine and lore.  Fast forward to today, and bees are still fascinating us beyond belief. If we dig deep […]

These Honey Snacks Will Sweeten Up Your Super Bowl Party

It’s finally here! The day where people care more about the commercials on TV than the actual game. Well, most people do anyway. (We aren’t still salty about the Packer’s loss.) While we all know that Super Bowl Sunday is all about the battle of the best of the best, […]
Exploring nature and learning about bees with my toddler

3 Ways I’ve Learned About Bees Through My Toddler’s Eyes

When I started writing for Beepods last year, I didn’t know too much about bees. Through countless hours of reading through Beepods’ many resources, I quickly found out just how vital honey bees are to our planet. I got hooked. As a mom to a 2-year old little girl, immersing […]

Bee Adventurous: Finding Bees Wherever I Go

A little over a year ago I started writing for Beepods, and I quickly fell in love with bees. I learned that not only are they vital to the planet’s survival, but they are intricate, smart, and amazing little creatures. I started noticing bee-related things everywhere I went, especially as […]
Substitute honey for sugar

Substitute Honey for Sugar in Your Favorite Baking Recipes – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Beekeepers often find themselves with a nice supply of honey toward the end of their bees’ season. While you may already have a few favorite ways to use honey in the kitchen, whether in tea or on toast, did you know you can substitute honey for sugar in your favorite […]