What Type of Queen Cell Is That? Here’s How to Know

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What Type of Queen Cell Is That? Here’s How to Know

Does it ever feel like your beekeeping revolves around the queen? We get it. She’s super important, and while the behavior of worker bees can tell you a lot about your colony, bees live and die by their queens. Queen cells can tell you a lot about your colony.   The […]

How Bee Breeds Behave: Observations from the Bee Yard

It’s a busy time of year for honeybees, and the bees breeds who call our bee yard their home are no exception. We installed the hives, the bees are used to their new digs, and now it’s time for them to get to work! Buckfasts and Carniolans are the breeds […]

Why Nonreproductive Swarms Happen: They’re Not a Bad Thing!

Nonreproductive swarms can cause some serious head-scratching for beekeepers. When more than half of your colony has flown the coop at a time of year you’re not expecting them to swarm, you might be wondering what they’re up to and why. Once you’ve heard what drives bees to nonreproductive swarming, […]

The Drone Bee and His Date With Destiny

“Today’s the day!” the drone bee squealed as he woke up that fateful summer morning. He’d made trips to drone congregation areas before, hoping to meet his queen, only to come back to the hive, sad and loveless, every time. He knew he was running out of time – drone […]

How Bees Use Comb

I find how bees use comb to be one of the most interesting things about beekeeping. The fact that people outside the industry often call all comb “honeycomb” makes sense; after all, honey is the most recognizable bee product that people are familiar with. To me, the truth about how […]