Propolis: What Is It and What Does It Do?

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Propolis: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Introduction When I first started learning about honey bees, one of the first things I latched onto was propolis. What was this word I saw popping up everywhere when I read about beehives? You hear about honey, maybe beeswax and honeycomb, but outside of the beekeeping business I’d never encountered […]
Bee Stinger

What You Need To Know About Bee Stings

Now that we are shaking off our cabin fever from the winter and spending more time outside (the smell of grills filled my neighborhood this past weekend), it’s time to think about bees again. Specifically, bee stings.   As we enjoy more weekend afternoons at the park and restaurants bust out […]
Beepods Hives

Beepods Hives: How Are They Made?

There’s one question we get a lot here at Beepods: how do we make our hives? That’s a great question, and because Beepods believes in transparency (just check out our Bee Viewer for proof 😉) so in this post I’m going to walk you through the process of Beepods’ manufacture, […]

Befriending the Insects Among Us

Spindly legs. Creeping crawlers. Wiggling larvae. They live in the damp, dark corners of our world and when they do make an appearance, they are hardly welcome. Yes, I’m talking about insects. While this website is largely about bees, it’s hard to talk about bees without ever talking about their […]
Alyssa Hartson

On the Run: Catching Up with Alyssa Hartson

If you want to talk to Alyssa Hartson, you literally have to wait for her to stop moving. She runs, climbs, bikes, renovates houses, teaches yoga, travels, and knits. She’s worked as a glacier guide in Norway, New Zealand, and Alaska and has played with penguins in Antarctica. Currently, Alyssa […]