6 Reasons You Should Start Beekeeping

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six reasons you should start beekeeping

6 Reasons You Should Start Beekeeping

                                It’s rare to find a beekeeper who doesn’t genuinely enjoy working with bees. Beekeeping has been around for millennia for a good reason! Working with bees, both as a hobby and a profession is […]

Don’t  Hibernate Yet: Why You Should Start Planning For Spring Beekeeping Now

It sure seems like the cold weather settled in fast. We’ve already seen snow near Beepods HQ! Winter is just about here and while you’re getting ready to hunker down now is the perfect time to start prepping for spring. If you’re a newBEE to beekeeping, winter is the best […]
bee cluster through Beepods Bee Viewer

Don’t Miss These 4 Cluster Maintenance Tips

The day your honey bees start to cluster is the bookend to a busy beekeeping season. It can come with mixed emotions and many beekeepers are a touch bummed when their bees go into a state of semi-dormancy. You can feel helpless in the face of the chilly winter winds, […]
3 Crucial Reasons Beekeepers Should Track Their Hive Data

3 Crucial Reasons You Should Be Tracking Your Hive Data

Beekeepers, I want you to imagine you’re visiting a doctor’s office. You go into your appointment. Without an exam or any notes about your symptoms or health history, your doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes a treatment. It probably wouldn’t be the safest or healthiest diagnosis you could trust, now, […]

Why Drones Get The Boot In The Fall

Well, it’s that time of year. The chilly weather is here to stay. Time to bundle up in your cozy sweaters, sip some warm spiced tea, and watch the leaves change. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, unless you’re a drone. While the worker bees and queen start […]