The 12 Things We Love About Bees

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The 12 Things We Love About Bees

You know the catchy Christmas tune, The 12 Days of Christmas, right? The singer’s true love sure has an interesting taste in Christmas presents. I can honestly say I don’t know a single person who has ever wanted or received a partridge in a pear tree. Except maybe Erin from […]
5 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn About from Bees

5 Life Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids with Bees

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the different ways children can learn with bees. And while education is invaluable, the knowledge you can teach with bees extends far beyond classroom walls – or virtual or home-based classrooms, for that matter. Bees lead complex lives and demonstrate valuable qualities […]
How Students Can Learn in 5 Core Areas with Beepods

How Students Can Learn in 5 Core Areas with Beepods

Recently, we’ve been sharing reasons why Beepods so enthusiastically supports project-based learning. From the real-life problem-solving skills it helps students develop, to the engaging and fun experiences it provides, project-based learning is a fantastic education approach. And, it is the ideal learning format for exploring bee-related curriculums and lessons. With […]
How Project-Based Learning Improves Students’ Testing Outcomes

How Project-Based Learning Improves Student Testing Outcomes

For educators, teaching is about more than sharing information and hoping students retain it. It’s about the joy of watching young people learn ideas and concepts that prepare them for the world. And while testing can be an effective way to gauge whether students are learning what they should be, […]

This Thanksgiving, Make Sure You Thank The Bees

Thanksgiving is upon us! As you’re sitting down to your Thanksgiving meals this week, virtually or otherwise, take a moment to give thanks to bees. Without these hard workers, there wouldn’t be much of a feast, we wouldn’t be as healthy, and we wouldn’t be feeling the holiday spirit. Bees […]