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Why Level Hives are So Important for You and Your Bees

Think about building a home from the ground up. What’s the first thing to address before you can start adding walls and other structures? The foundation. Level hives are key to a safe and productive life for bees, just as level ground is vital to a sturdy home for people. Creating […]

Urban Bees: Thriving in the City

As an urban educator, you may feel that your school has limited natural resources to share with your students. While that may be true, being in an urban setting actually has advantages for beekeeping and benefits both the students as well as the surrounding communities. Urban bees don’t just survive, […]

Pollinator Week Wrapped Up – Pollination Nation Summit Series

That’s all folks! Pollinator Week 2020 came and went, and it was a rousing success! Over 100 people participated in the Pollination Nation Summit Series.  We’re so happy that you guys are as excited about saving the pollinators as we are. Here’s a reminder of everything we did over the […]
bee gathering nectar

You Don’t Have to Be a Seasoned Beekeeper to Understand Honey Nutrition

It’s a fact: Bees love eating honey just as much as we do! It’s their preferred form of carbohydrate, and whether they have sufficient stores in the hive heading into winter can make or break a colony. The importance of this sticky, sweet stuff is why we are talking about […]

Cross Comb: Why it Happens and What You Can Do About It

It’s a moment beekeepers dread. You head out to your hive to pay your bees a visit and see how they’re doing. As you open it up and go to pull out a frame, you’re faced with a frustrating and confusing sight. Your bees have built comb across frames, making […]