The Beepods Hive Inspection App – What’s Coming

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The Beepods Hive Inspection App – What’s Coming

You’ve probably seen in our press release earlier this month that we will be coming out with an app to help our beekeepers with their hive inspections. This week, we met with the team over at DevCodeCamp to talk about what features to include, . We are so excited for […]

#SnowUsYourBees 2018

Why #SnowUsYourBees? Early last year, we made a post asking you to #snowusyourbees. It was such a hit that we though that we would bring it back, but with a few updates. We’re big fans of sharing updates because it allows us to see how our fellow beekeepers are doing, and […]

What’s Coming From Beepods in 2018

At Beepods, we are constantly working hard to bring better products, services and education to all of our customers and future customers and partners here at Beepods. It is difficult for us to keep everyone up to date on new things that we are working on, but in 2018, we […]

How to Prevent and Deal With Hive Vandalism

In late December, the beekeeping world was shaken by the news that a honey farm in Sioux City, Iowa, had been vandalized. Two preteens overturned the hives and ransacked the shed where the farmers stored their beekeeping supplies. 500,000 bees were killed, and losses were estimated to total $60,000. In […]

Why Urban Gardens are the Safest Places to Keep Bees

Why is Urban Gardening Becoming So Popular? In the past few years, urban gardening has skyrocketed in popularity. There are many reasons behind this. First and foremost, more and more people are wanting to know where their food comes from, and by growing it themselves, they are guaranteed to know […]