Determining the Cause of Your Dead Honey Bee Colony

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Scott Dead Hive Feb 2017-14

Determining the Cause of Your Dead Honey Bee Colony

Are your honey bees completely dead? You might be wondering, “Why did all my bees die?” or “What caused my entire bee colony to collapse?” You might think, “I have lots of dead bees on the bottom board!” or you might notice that there are dead bees not only on […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Beekeepers

It’s that time of year again – the time to start thinking about what your new year’s resolutions will be. While many will make the typical resolutions, like going to the gym, eating better, or setting aside more time every day to spend with their loved ones, we have a […]

General Strength Honey Tea Recipe

This general tea recipe can be used at any time to build up the resiliency of the colony. Will make a quantity for two 1-quart servings. Ingredients: Water (well or spring water) ½ tsp chamomile ½ tsp yarrow ½ tsp stinging nettle ½ tsp peppermint ½ tsp dandelion flowers (if available) […]
Bee on Sunflower

Fall Tea Recipe

This recipe is only needed if the colony was unable to build up sufficient stores of honey for the winter! It is important to have a heavy syrup so that the bees do not have to work as hard to evaporate the water content of the tea; the feeding should […]

Honey Tea Recipe for Building Up Nucs, Splits, Swarms, or Packages

Use this recipe to augment the growth of a colony to prolific rates to ensure that the colony can handle anything with small numbers of worker bees. Will make a quantity for two 1-quart servings. Ingredients Water (well or spring) ½ tsp. chamomile ½ tsp. yarrow ½ tsp. stinging nettle ½ […]