Hive Inspection App Development Update #2

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Hive Inspection App Development Update #2

Making Progress This past week, the team at DevCodeCamp has been making great progress on the Beepods Hive Inspection App! They have now made it possible for users to log into their Beepods account using the app, so all of their data can be synced. This will also allow us […]

Hive Inspection App Development Update #1

Welcome to the first progress update on the development of the new Beepods hive inspection app! The team over at DevCodeCamp has been working hard on style and ease of use design, and they sent over some working designs. Login Screen Here is a working design of how the login […]
Italian Honey Bee - image from Don Farrall Getty Images

Honey Bee Breeds and Their Attributes

Introduction Honey bees, like all living things, vary in their traits across the species. Genetic differences across these breeds can lead to differences in attributes like temperament, disease resistance, productivity, color and much more. The environment has a huge impact on differences among bee colonies due to stimuli and response, […]
Solid crystallized honey

Help! My Honey’s Completely Solid!

Let’s say you reach into your cupboard for some delicious honey, but when you pull it out: oh no! It’s completely crystallized! What do you do?! Well, never fear, because we’ve got a solution for you. Boil some water The first thing you’re going to need to do is boil […]

The Beepods Hive Inspection App – What’s Coming

You’ve probably seen in our press release earlier this month that we will be coming out with an app to help our beekeepers with their hive inspections. This week, we met with the team over at DevCodeCamp to talk about what features to include, . We are so excited for […]