Honey Is The Unmatched Medicine

We can trace the usage of natural honey all the way to some 8000 years ago as Stone Age pictures depicted. Honey was commonly used by ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and many other cultures as a method to cure illnesses or wounds. It can be seen as an antibacterial treatment due to its medicinal qualities. Ancient Egyptians also used raw honey to embalm the deceased. 

For thousands of years honey has been proven to have healing benefits and today, health experts are digging exploring deeper into the science behind honey and its healing powers. Let’s dive right into the reasons that make honey such a great healing source. 

Antibacterial Properties 

Honey has been used for centuries as a natural antibiotic and is still an effective treatment option in many hospitals today. Honey contains glucose oxidase, which produces hydrogen peroxide when honey becomes diluted with water or saliva. This hydrogen peroxide is believed to be the reason honey kills bacteria so well. The hydrogen peroxide helps break down proteins on the skin’s surface helping the skin repair itself more quickly. The same properties that make honey such an excellent home remedy for wounds also contribute to its antibacterial qualities. 

These antibacterial properties can help treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, digestive issues, sore throats and much more, it may even help reduce wrinkles if used as a face mask. Raw honey is known as a prebiotic which is the reason it can nourish all the good bacteria in your body to help regulate good digestion and overall health. All of these healing abilities are due largely to its high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids.

Long Shelf Life 

Most medicine has a limited shelf life. But if stored properly, and bought from your local farmers market or harvested from your beehive, your raw honey should last indefinitely. You want to store your honey in an air tight, dry place so that it has its best chance of not going bad. Why is this important? Well, for a few reasons.

If a person were to take medicine that was going bad or expired, it is risky to consume because the chemical composition could change. Certain expired medications are also at risk for bacteria growth and potent bacterial growth which may lead to a serious illness or infection. With honey, you do not have to worry about any of that because of its natural antibacterial properties and long shelf life. Moreover, don’t you want to have a consistent, long living remedy for your wounds, digestive health, skin health, etc.? 

Nutrient Dense 

If you are worried about consuming honey because of the sugar content, we are here to tell you not to worry. Like 

we mentioned, honey has been praised since ancient times for its healing powers. Raw honey is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are proven to improve overall human health. Some of these include calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and more. 

With regular consumption of honey, you can see similar benefits that you would see from a regular meal like improved metabolic activity, overall nourishment, and healthy living. This is mainly due to all of the micronutrients that raw honey contains. Now, we are not suggesting you replace your meals with honey, but adding a tablespoon of honey to your tea with your meals could be a great added benefit!

Honey is one of the oldest natural remedies that has been scientifically proven to have healing benefits. Today, health experts are continuing to explore the science behind honey and its healing powers as a way to find new ways to heal or prevent illness. We explored three reasons why honey is a great healing source:  its antibacterial properties, the long shelf life, and because it is nutrient dense. If you want to try its healing powers for yourself, start by trying some of the honey from your own hive!



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