Payment plans available for spring Beepods System Installations

We know money doesnt grow on trees

We know money doesnt grow on trees

Purpose: In this post Beepods explains how we can help spread your payments out across months so that a large purchase of  beekeeping system does not hit your pocket book all at once.

If you have already began speaking with one of our Beepods Specialists, you may have noticed that we take a collaborative project planning approach to implementing a Beepods Beekeeping System in your backyard, school or organization.

During this process, we want to get to know you, your goals of implementing a beekeeping system and work through any questions or challenges that may arise.  Many of you have brought up the concept of monthly payments towards a system in order to make it more feasible for the upcoming year, during these conversations.  So here it is!

At Beepods, we understand that for most, an investment into beekeeping is exactly that; an investment.  Starting a hobby or project like beekeeping requires a lot of work and energy. Collecting resources and planning before you “kick it off” can seem daunting.  It can be difficult to stay on track and often things come up that create a distraction or cause us to lose focus on the goal at hand.

That is why, at Beepods, we started a program that allows approved customers to pay on a monthly basis towards your Beepods Beekeeping System before it arrives in spring.  Our goal is to take a bit of the STING out of investing in beekeeping.  All it takes is a little HONEY, each month towards your goal of the system so you can BEE a Hero this year.


How does it work?

During the Beekeeping Inquiry Consultation, we try to discuss implementation of a beekeeping project.  This is a great time to discuss logistics and costs of getting started in beekeeping.  

We suggest spending a little reading through the Project Plan before the second conversation so we can better help in finding creative ways to cover costs of getting started. We have worked with individuals and organizations on grants, fundraising, crowdfunding portals, etc.  Others though just want to pay over time.  No problem.

Step 1

After a couple conversations we have gotten to know you a bit more.  You should have received a project plan with pricing and this meeting is to discuss how to best move forward. Either our team member or you can bring up the option of a monthly plan.

Step 2

If this is a workable option, we collect your payment information.

Step 3

We charge you a down payment that day.

Most of the time payments are determined by understanding a desired installation month, then determining the number of months until that date.  We divide the payments equally out across each month until your system is installed.

If you would like to make a larger down payment, we can do that, too.  We charge you that day and then divide the remainder of the cost across the remaining months.


Beepods Payment Plan Equation cost

We determine payment plans by taking a down payment. We separate the remainder of the cost across each month until installation.  Each pricing plan is custom to the needs of the customer.

Step 4

Each month, your credit card will be billed on the same day each month, until your system is paid for.


Payment Plan FAQ’s

Can I stop my payments at any time if something comes up and I am unable to start keeping bees at the predetermined time?

Yes.  We always understand that things may come up.  This is why we try to get to know you during our process.  Sometimes we do not foresee major changes coming in our lives months from now, but we try to ask the right questions during our discussions and make sure that neither you nor us are forgetting anything.


Will I have access to the Beepods Membership Area and Educational when I start paying?  Or can I wait to “turn it on?”

Yes.  If you would like to get started, just let one of our team members know and we can make sure that you have access to the Beepods Membership Area right away.  If you would like to wait on starting your education through the members area, no problem.  During the time before receiving your Beepods Beekeeping System and your bees, we will be in regular contact with you and you can let us know when you are ready.  We recommend spending at least one month to get acclimated with the support tools and educational materials before your bees arrive.


How long will I have access to the Beepods Membership Area?

The membership area is available on an annual subscription basis.  We do this because we are always updating the information, tools, software and support mechanisms available to you by being a Beepods Member.  And our technical and customer support team like to eat, so we have to pay them somehow.

For other questions, the best thing to do is to get in touch with our Beepods Specialists and have a conversation.  To do that just click here.

Brad James
Brad James
Brad James is Beepods CEO. He covers the business of beekeeping and implementation of beekeeping systems from every angle -- as well as occasional other topics. Before joining Beepods, Brad has helped many startups get off the ground through implementing organizational strategy that leverages current personnel and implementing tried and true business processes that promote business growth and leadership development. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @BJJames23.

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