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Pollinator Week Poster 2019

Where does pollinator week come from? A brief History of Pollinator Week and its impact on supporting pollinators

Italian Honey Bee - image from Don Farrall Getty Images

Honey Bee Breeds and Their Attributes

Introduction Honey bees, like all living things, vary in their traits across the species. Genetic differences across these breeds can lead to differences in attributes like temperament, disease resistance, productivity, color and much more. The environment has a huge impact on differences among bee colonies due to stimuli and response, […]
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7 Interesting Honey Bee Statistics to Share with Your Friends

Bees are one of the most studied creatures on the world. Here are some fun facts to show your friends how much you know about bees.

Pollinator Initiatives – What they are, who is involved, and why we need them

In this article we will discuss pollinator initiatives – what they are, why they are important, who is enacting them, and how you can get involved. At Beepods we are working with communities around the country that are passionate about helping pollinators both wild and domestic. Part of our mission […]
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Spring Cleaning with Sam Joseph – Sam’s Beekeeping Journal Entry #4

Springtime is is the moment of truth in beekeeping — did our bees survive the winter or did they freeze their little bee heads off? When you keep as many hives as we do at Beepods, there are almost always going to be some hives that don’t make it. But […]