My 3-Year-Old Daughter Loves Bees

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This post is a personal look into my life as a beekeeper (and as one of the owners of the Beepods company).

Scott Offord

My daughter, Selah, is very interested in honey bees. In this short clip, you'll see her helping me lift bars of comb out of a top bar hive. I haven't been keeping bees very long, but one thing I have enjoyed so far is getting my daughter involved whenever possible. I pick her up from school or from daycare and sometimes on the way back home we'll stop to see the bees. I have one hive at my in-laws house (Selah's grandpa and grandma's place) so she gets to see those on the weekends. However, the particular hive seen in this video clip is located in the next town over. It is being hosted by a lady who just wanted more pollination for her garden and also wanted to help the bees. Since I needed a place to put the bees, it seemed like a good fit. 

In this short clip, my daughter points out the dead bees in the hive. It is early Fall / late Winter here in Wisconsin and so far only one of my colonies has died. It's not the happiest moment to share, but an important one. I want her to learn that there are both good and bad parts about beekeeping. Having a top bar hive has been a great experience for me personally and I love sharing my knowledge with my daughter. It makes me happy to know that she might one day also want to be a beekeeper on her own.

Scott Offord
Scott Offord
As an entrepreneur, Scott enjoys identifying and reaching new business markets, growing online communities and partnering with business start-ups. With a strong background in the field of web development, Scott currently focuses on online marketing strategy consulting. In his off time, Scott enjoys running various tech meetup groups. He also spends as much time as possible with his wife, his baby girl and his Great Dane.

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