These Honey Snacks Will Sweeten Up Your Super Bowl Party

It’s finally here! The day where people care more about the commercials on TV than the actual game. Well, most people do anyway. (We aren’t still salty about the Packer’s loss.) While we all know that Super Bowl Sunday is all about the battle of the best of the best, the epic Half-Time Show, and don’t forget Super Bowl Commercial Bingo, we all know that the best part of the day is the FOOD. To get you ready for the big game, we’ve put together our list of our top honey-themed Super Bowl snacks! Make your appetizers the buzz of the party with these recipes.


(Please make sure to read through all the ingredients lists in case of a food allergy.) 


Snack Mix


First things first! Everyone loves a tasty snack mix. What’s better than a crunchy snack? Check out this recipe for a Honey-Glazed Crispy Snack Mix that won’t make it to half time!


Or, looking to spice things up before kick-off? Check out this Honey Sriracha Snack Mix that is sure to be a party fave! This recipe only takes about 45 minutes to make. Throw it in before the party starts, so the mix is still warm when it comes time to serve!


Savory Bites


Now, it’s not a Super Bowl party without chicken wings, right? Instead of ordering out or getting disappointing store-bought wings, try out this delicious, melt off the bone chicken wing recipe. These Baked Honey BBQ Chicken Wings will be the life of the party. Save some of the sauce to use for dipping! 

If you’re still looking for a little more spice, then try out these delectable Honey Jalapeno Bites! No flag on the play here, these jalapenos, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and drizzled with honey are enough to bring the Lombardi Trophy home with you!


Sweet Treats


No party is complete without a little something sweet. That’s why we recommend these Honey Bee Peanut Buzzers! This tasty treat is not only adorable but so yummy! This is an exclusive recipe from Beepods’ very own Recipes and Remedies Collection: Using Honey and Other Bee Products to Sweeten Your Life! These sweet bites won’t hang around long!

Another fantastic recipe from our recipe book is Sam’s Honey Sweet Chocolate! These chocolate bars are both simple and delicious. Best served cold, add them to some ice cream for an extra treat! 


Final Thoughts


We all know honey is a magical thing. Sweet, savory, and spicy — honey is the best ingredient to add to make your party the bees-knees. Try these out, and let us know what you think! We are always looking for more recipes to add to our book! 


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