Beepods System Winterizing Kit


The Beepods Winterizing Kit is essential for anyone concerned about the success of their honeybees overwintering in the harsh cold winds of North America, preventing mice from sneaking into the hive to stay warm or for those looking to find ways to increase their honey harvest in the spring.

The Winterizing Kit contains our proprietary BeeRito Wrap, Mouse Guards and an insulating Desiccant. Each of these helps to insulate and protect your colony against the harsh realities of mother nature during late fall and the winter months.

Why Winterize with the Beepods BeeRito?

Contents Include the Following:

  • A BeeRito Wrap (keeps harsh winter winds out of the hive, allowing the bees to regular the cluster temperature better)
  • 4 x Entrance Mouse Guards (hardware cloth that allows the bees to enter and exit, but not mice)
  • 2 x Protective Mouse Mesh (placed between the lid and the sides of the cradle)
  • Insulating Desiccant (absorbs extra moisture in the hive)
  • Access to Instructions and Videos

For extras of the specific components, contact us directly at (608) 728.8233


Contents include the following:

  1. A BeeRito Wrap
  2. 4 Mouse Guards and Protective Mouse Mesh
  3. Insulating Desiccant
  4. Instructions and access to videos
Additional information
Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 60.96 × 40.64 × 40.64 in