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Gain Access to the Healthy Hive™ Management Software

To get access to our new Healthy Hive™ system, please purchase the “Beepods Online Membership“. For the next 30 days, if you use the coupon code ‘ HealthyHive ‘ when checking out of our online store, we’ll take 80% off of your first year of membership. We are only offering this special for the month of June. Our Beepods Online Membership is only $50.00 for an entire year of access when you use the coupon code ‘ HealthyHive ‘ at checkout.

What you get:

  • Access to the Healthy Hive Management Software
  • Top-bar Beekeeping How-To Videos
  • Feedback Forums
  • Educational Resources
  • Research from Partner Academic Institutions


  • Become a better beekeeper by tracking the progress of your hive(s) over time
  • One central location for learning and communicating with other top bar hive beekeepers
  • New instructional videos added regularly
  • Resources for getting started in beekeeping

The Beepods Online Membership is your beekeeping resource center! It is a compilation and forum including videos, written documents and suggestions from beekeeping experts within the Beepods organization and others outside of the organization and from academic institutions. It also includes some tips on non-traditional beekeeping practices.

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Learn How to Inspect a Top Bar Hive

In this video, we demonstrate what you can expect during a typical top-bar hive inspection.