National Honey Bee Day at the Milwaukee County Zoo

national honey bee day

Join Beepods on Saturday, August 19, 2017 as we celebrate the beloved honey bee for National Honey Bee Day.

Our beekeepers are hosting a hive-side demonstration at the Milwaukee County Zoo with live honey bees to show how they work and the role bees play with pollination and the food we eat. Presentations will be made at 10am, 11am, 1pm and 2pm.

Invite your friends and neighbors. Bring the kids and grandparents. Normal zoo admission fees apply.

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To learn more about the zoo CLICK HERE or to find directions

national honey bee day milwaukee 2017

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What is National Honey Bee Day?

National Honey Bee Awareness Day began in 2009 as a way to make one day a focal point on one of Agriculture’s most important animals, Honey Bees. The program’s motto, “A day for honey bees… a program for the entire year,” focuses on bringing awareness to the challenges honey bees are facing in today’s environment.  Beekeepers across the country work hard to educate and teach about honey bees on a local level and are part of this great day.

The goal of the organization is to support these beekeepers and educators and bring alignment across all of those participating in order to make the public aware of the environmental concerns affecting honey bees.  The National Honey Bee Day mission incorporates three primary goals:

  • Promotion and advancement of beekeeping.
  • Educate the public to honey bees and beekeeping.
  • Make the public aware of environmental concerns affecting honey bees.
    USDA National Honey Bee Day Proclamation Signed Document.

    August 21, 2010 was proclaimed National Honey Bee Awareness Day and has been held every 3rd Saturday in August, since.

With that, each year, the US Department of Agriculture has proclaimed the 3rd Saturday of August National Honey Bee Awareness Day.  Each year, the committee picks a different theme to help bring alignment and education to those who are not familiar with bees and beekeeping in general in the hopes that more people can spread the buzz and support some of our most treasured and valued species Apis mellifera.

Each year at Beepods, we look for partners to help promote beekeeping.  Making a day out of having Open Apiary and hands on honey bee demonstrations is one way we can begin to bring about more awareness and education to those who interested in the fascinating world of Honey Bees!


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