beehive school grant videoCreate a Video to Explain Your Beehive Project to Potential Funding Sources

The next step toward getting your beehive project funded is to create a short video that we will show to the right people in order to get your school’s beehive project in consideration.

Target Audience of Your Video

The intended recipient for your video will be the grant providers. We will work with you to submit your video to prospective funding sources to catch their attention about your beehive project.

Content Ideas For Your Video

Use any 3 or the following 4 ideas to create a video that is 2-4 minutes in length:

  • Record a 30-60 second clip of yourself or your students sharing about your desire to start a sustainable beekeeping program at your school that uses the Beepods beekeeping system and explain how it will help to launch your school’s outdoor education initiatives or how it will fit in to your existing initiatives.
  • Record a 30-60 second clip that describes your school’s student demographics and geographic location.
  • Record a 30-60 second clip that shows the site where you would love to place the future beehive on your campus if your project was successfully funded.
  • Record a 30-60 second clip about how you goal to help save bees, pollinate your school’s garden or to use the byproducts of the hive (such as honey that can be sold in school fundraisers or beeswax for use in art projects).
  • Record a 30-60 second clip about the science of bees or beekeeping in regards to performing future hive inspections, recording students’ observations, entering data into the hive management software or tracking the health and progress of the colony over time.

Tips for Shooting Your Video

  • Always shoot in landscape mode. Portrait mode gives you those ugly black borders in your final video clip. You don’t want to hold your phone, tablet or recording device vertically. You want to hold it so that the video is wide, not tall.
  • Use a tripod for stabilization, if possible. It will make the video look more professional and less shaky.
  • Put the phone in Airplane mode while shooting video with a phone. This is to avoid getting unnecessary interruptions and sounds from notifications while you’re shooting.
  • Shoot your video in a room that has a lot of light to ensure your video is not dark and blurry. Bring in extra lighting, like lamps, shoot near a bright window (but not directly in front of the window) or record your video outside on a day that is not too windy.

Editing and Publishing your Video

Once your clips have been recorded, stitch them together using your phone’s built-in video editing software or download the clips to a computer to edit your project using a more complex video editing software suite.

Upon completing your video project, export it and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive or some other video hosting or sharing platform that allows public viewing.

Once your video is online, share the link via email with [email protected] and we will ensure your video gets seen by to the right people to get your school’s beehive project funded.

However, before starting on a video, we first need to have a quick conversation with you about your school and your beehive project. The very first step in moving your project forward is to schedule a call on Brian’s online calendarIf you haven’t already, please schedule that initial 15-20 minute call with him to discuss your school’s beekeeping project first.. That’s the first step in our process of helping to move your beehive project ahead. After that, we’ll send you a Letter of Intent to review.

So, book your phone call now. It’ll only be 15 to 20 minutes of your time (we do leave time for up to 30 minutes if you’d like).