Honey Do Beekeeping Checklist for January

January is a waiting game. It is generally too cold for any chance of bee sightings, but if the temps reach 50 degrees, head out and take a look at the hive. They bees will use any opportunity to go to the bathroom. This is the time that you should be making your plans for the coming year.


  • If the temps reach 50 degrees, go hunting for evidence the bees are still alive. This will come in the form of bee poo scattered on the hive and in the area.
  • Read up on new techniques, philosophy, and the history of beekeeping.
  • Do an equipment check and make sure everything is in order for next season.
  • Consider whether this is the right year to expand your apiary, and make plans accordingly.
  • Render and leftover wax from last season.


NOTE: This checklist was created for beekeepers specifically in Midwest, USA.  It may need to be adjusted for other beekeepers based on weather, location and other environmental factors.  This list will be updated and variations will be created over time as needed.  If you would like to help with the development of these checklists, please, contact us. 
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