Beepods Beekeeping for Prospective or Brand New Beekeepers (Level 1)

Class Description:

In this class, expert Beepods Beekeepers show attendees the basics of beginning beekeeping.  Learn techniques, honey bee terminology and the high level understanding of what it takes to maintain a colony of honey bees.  Attendees can expect to leave with a basic understanding of beekeeping and the information necessary to help them move forward in maintaining their own bee colony as a novice beekeeper.

When getting started in beekeeping or thinking about getting into beekeeping, it is highly recommended to attend this class first.

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Laura Maigatter teaches polite beehavior and bar management

Laura Maigatter is a Beepods Beekeeper who works with groups and organizations to teach them specific techniques and philosophies that align with the data-backed, sustainable beekeeping philosophy she has adopted when using the Beepods Beekeeping System. In this picture, she shares how to handle top bars.