Beekeeping Ordinance Guide + Coaching

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Does your city prohibit beekeeping? Subscribe today to learn how to change your own city’s beekeeping ordinance to make it legal to keep bees on residential property.

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Gain Access to Our Complete Beekeeping Ordinance Guide Now

Are you interested in taking the next step in bringing change to your city’s beekeeping laws?

Sign up to gain access to our complete guide, called, “How to Change Your City’s Beekeeping Ordinance” that contains templates and examples of everything a beekeeper or community member needs in order to make a positive change in their city. You will also receive access to our private “Beekeeping Ordinance Coaching Group” on Facebook where you’ll get special mentoring session from a Beepods Beekeeping Ordinance Coach.

Included in the guide are email templates you can use when talking with your city officials, example policies that city officials can refer to when writing their ordinances, tips of how to create momentum in your city by gaining public support, a sample press release to get the media interested and the public educated about a pending beekeeping ordinance discussion in their city, and much more.