Beepods Top Bar Hive-side Inspection Stand


The best top bar hive this bar holder works with is the Beepods hive!

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This top bar hive stand tool is used mostly for inspection and viewing of specific bars of comb or to repair broken comb while at your top bar hive.  The Top Bar Hive-side Stand is great for demonstrating bee knowledge to others who are with you at the hive.  All of the Beepods Bar Stands allow for a single person to execute comb surgery without needing a secondary helper on hand to hold the bar.

The metal base can accommodate a hive wall thickness of 1⅛ inch. Two T-shaped iron poles attach to a wooden block that allows the stand to swivel on the metal base. The distance between the two rods is set to accommodate a bar with a 19″ length. However, the wooden block can easily be drilled and the rods can be placed closer together to hold top bars of shorter lengths.

Additional information
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 16 × 9 in