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Buy a 3-pound package of honey bees (optional: delivered directly to your door) in Wisconsin.

When you order a 3-pound package of bees, our Beekeeping Team will be in touch to deliver a split or a swarm. This means you’ll get quality bees, ready to install in your hive for the spring season! For further questions, please, give us a call. Thanks and BEE HAPPY!

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How To Buy Honey Bees

Buy bees for 2023 – 3-pound package

We generally recommend a mixture of Italian and Carniolan (Carnies for short). Italians are known for making large families fast, and Carnies are known for smaller families, but overwintering better in cold climates as they are an Eastern European breed. Italians are golden and Carnies are black.

All United States – We will help you source bees in your local area and recommend a solution. If we don’t find you bees we will refund ALL of your deposit.

Pickup & Delivery in Wisconsin – We can personally deliver and install bees in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for an extra cost. You can also pickup bees at our designated pickup location in Southern Wisconsin. We do not ship bees in the mail.

Please note: Honey bees are subject to availability. Order Early to Get on the List!

We also offer Nucleus Colonies.

A nucleus hive can be helpful for beginner-level beekeepers.

Contact Us with any questions and one of our Beepods Beekeeping Experts will assist you.

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